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⌚ Who are we?

I-SmartWatch is an official distributor of the latest tech in the UK.
We understand the importance of choosing the right smart watch and making sure it takes care of all your needs. 

📚 Our Story

Our story began in Coventry, UK and after long hours of searching for the perfect fitness watch, we realised that a great fitness watch does not have to cost us a fortune. What we found was a fast cost-effective smartwatch and we want to share this with YOU. That is why we have launched this store to help other people to achieve their fitness goals and become cautious about their health and wellbeing.

 💰 Worth your money

Our smartwatches will help you reach your goals in style. For men or women, our smartwatches have a slim and exquisite designs making it a perfect fit for business, sport or just everyday life.